Saturday, August 21, 2010

Nuclear contamination, oh no...

Here’s the truth, at least for today: I want to move to Santa Fe. I can see myself living there, even if I’m not sure whether I’ll be disastrously lonely, or how I’ll get around, or whether the summer will be unbearable, or whether my allergies will be worse there than here, still there are people there who I can see myself building something with, at least a few, and when I think about stepping outside in the morning into all that air, my head clears even from here. But then there’s all the nuclear contamination, thousands of tons of nuclear waste buried less than 10 miles from the main water supply. One of the problems with that kind of pollution is that I wouldn’t notice, I mean I wouldn’t notice right away. So then I think no, I shouldn’t move there, because what if I like it, and I want to stay, in spite of the nuclear contamination?

And what about the Cerro Grande fire of 2000, where 7000 acres of Los Alamos Nuclear Laboratory land burned to the ground, causing who knows how much nuclear pollution of the air, soil, and groundwater. I keep trying to research everything, to know the specifics, but then I’ll start reading something online and I get too exhausted. Reading online is always exhausting, but I think it also overwhelms me. What could be more overwhelming than nuclear contamination? Especially when the whole town seems to act like it’s no problem, and meanwhile I think what’s happening is that in about a year the city will be diverting the water much closer to Los Alamos Nuclear Laboratory, increasing the risks for everyone. Okay, I won’t make any decisions yet, that’s for sure.

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