Thursday, September 16, 2010

The colors of the fog approaching

So when I asked the acupuncturist whether she thinks the treatment is helping, right away she says no! With an exclamation mark just like that, and then I like her more. Because she’s honest. She wants to try one more herbal formula, and then it’s time to think about whether acupuncture can be helpful for me at all right now.

We’re starting to get that soft moist fall air all the time now, 5 pm and the light is already dimming, for some reason I’m going to the Nob Hill Theatre. Now I’m there. Now I’ve left. Not quite that fast, but fast. On the way back I walk past the restaurant where I keep wondering if this guy working inside is cruising me, it’s this tiny little place that I never used to see open because mostly it’s for breakfast, very cute inside but I can’t imagine there’s anything for me to eat -- oh, there he is, outside, smiling at me, I say hi but a bit too late and my voice gets kind of stuck but when I look back he’s smiling and that makes me much happier than anything else on my walk, much better than those dour looks at the Nob Hill Theatre, on my way I was horny and then as soon as I got there I thought oh, I’m not horny at all, I mean it drained me just being in that dark downstairs with bad music and gloom, even when the music got a little better that just helped me to get out of there, it’s still beautiful outside, and then a beautiful look, whatever it means, and then I’m back home, looking out at the colors of the fog approaching.

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