Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Feeling it more

It seems like every day now I start crying right when I first hear the news, crying from hope and hopelessness or maybe it’s more like hopelessness and hope, and maybe that’s how I feel about leaving San Francisco. Today’s my goodbye reading and the heat wave continues -- I just went into the bathroom, thinking the window must be closed so I better open it, but it was already open all the way. The Mission is the hottest neighborhood in the city, and that’s where I’m headed. How hot will it be in the store? At least the reading will take place in the main part of the store, instead of in the back like usual, because I’m sure it would get way too stuffy in the back. I hope people show up, I mean I’m sure people will show up, but I guess I’m nervous about who will show up and what it will feel like, this goodbye, I guess it means I’m really leaving and of course I already know that but now I’m feeling it more.


Campbell said...

Crying is good and good for you. I wish I could cry more.

You're reading will be fabulous I'm sure... With loads of fun and maybe a little bit of sadness, but that's exactly how goodbyes are supposed to be. :-)

mattilda bernstein sycamore said...

You're right, Campbell -- crying always does feel important, and I wish I could cry more too, or more about other things besides the news, yay for more crying!

The reading was perfect -- now I'm an exhausted mess, but that's to be expected -- thank you so much for the support!

Love --