Sunday, September 12, 2010

Not to worry

To figure out a way not to worry, and that doesn’t work for me. That kind of advice. I need more information. I’m talking about the nuclear contamination. I can’t just tell myself not to worry. But actually that is a way not to worry, that’s what Socket means -- I like when you can talk something through with a close friend and figure out each other’s language, and then feel better, more connected, hopeful even.

The problem with nuclear contamination is that it’s invisible, I won’t notice that it’s affecting me, or I probably wouldn’t anyway -- until it’s too late, right? Of course there’s radiation here too -- I live right across the street from several cell phone towers. And I guess that’s what other people mean when they say there’s pollution everywhere, you can’t worry about it. But if I’m moving for health, to try to feel better, then of course I have to worry about it.

I wish there was someone I could call and figure it all out, I mean someone who would tell me exactly what the risks are from various behaviors and exposures, and then I could figure out how to minimize them. Of course, it’s a bit of a problem that Los Alamos was top secret from the beginning, that definitely gets in the way of information. When I was in Santa Fe, and asking about it, a few people said you could go to the museum, the museum at Los Alamos. No, I said -- I’m looking for information. There’s a lot of information there, these people said -- it’s a great museum.

A museum of lies. Is there any other kind? Some lies are worse than others. Although 12,000 people work at Los Alamos -- some of those people must have this information. Not that they’ll be sharing it any time soon.


Anonymous said...

Or! Maybe there's always "something" that we could worry about. The shower water, which despite being "government approved", has countless bad things in it which we inhale daily. (And me longer than most people because I take luxuriously long ones.) It also seeps through our skin.

Who knows, maybe the possible nuclear stuff in Santa Fe will actually cancel out the effects of shower water?

Sorry for early morning silliness!!

xo John

P.S. Bought up a storm of M.B.S. books on Amazon this week, shipping to me and to friends across the US.

mattilda bernstein sycamore said...

John, certainly true that "government approved" shower and drinking water is a disaster, oh no -- and yes yes, all those disgusting chemicals seep into everything... and yes, I too do like to joke that maybe I just need a little bit of plutonium to get everything back in order -- to give me that nighttime glow, right?

But really, I'm pretty sure that a little bit of plutonium isn't too good for anyone -- but today the air is fresh here in San Francisco, and I am excited about moving...

And yay for a storm of Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore books -- that's a storm I like to hear about...

Love --