Wednesday, September 01, 2010


Is someone playing games with me? Because my whole apartment smells like a forest fire hit, I guess from the tandoori grills down the street, I mean unless there’s a forest fire somewhere nearby. I’m thinking I should call whoever’s responsible for outdoor air quality in city government, just in case there’s something they can do. But then I go out on the fire escape, and it smells like fabric softener. I know they’re not going to do anything about that, but really -- all these fumes in the air, seven floors up.

Noon is really too early in the day to go on a walk -- the air quality is terrible. Until there’s a breeze, and my head starts to clear as I’m walking up the hill and the air gets fresher, but then -- oh, no -- perfume! How could that person be wearing so much perfume? I keep walking -- yes, it does get fresher, the further up the hill I go. Until a truck drives by -- diesel fumes. And then I’ve walked too far, and I have to get back.

The bus comes by just as I’m contemplating sitting down, but then it sounds awful to get on, for some reason, so I keep walking. Downhill it’s hard to avoid the sun in my face -- I need a better hat for this time of day. All of my larger hats blow away in the wind, so I wear the small one that stays on, but it doesn’t really shield my face. Mostly I just wear it so I can go on a walk early in the day, before doing my hair, but what happened to my sinuses? Nothing goes through.

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