Saturday, September 25, 2010

The way the weather works

I like when I notice new things about my view from the fire escape, just because it’s earlier in the day. Like the pigeons gathering on the building behind the building behind my building. Or, I turn to the side and I see them socializing on sun panels. Then I look at the corner of that building, red brick and there’s a tiny triangle of light that will become larger as the day goes on until it’s a long rectangle and then it’s dark again.

Then I start thinking about why it isn’t mandatory for every building in the city to have sun panels on the roof, or even better would be a city-funded program, but we won’t be getting a program like that any time soon. Instead we get a gas line blowing up and destroying a whole neighborhood just south of San Francisco. Makes me wonder if a similar gas line was buried underneath that ruined area I visited with Randy to accessorize with Lostmissing posters, little flags in the ground that said warning, pipeline buried here.

Outside, everything smells again -- not as bad as yesterday, when I walked down the hill where there’s always less air, but still gross. I guess it’s this new humidity, which also isn’t as extreme right now but still extreme for San Francisco. We need some serious rain, serious rain that we probably won’t be getting for a while, that’s the way the weather works here.

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