Wednesday, October 06, 2010

New office

I wanted to write something, earlier, when I actually had energy and could pull together thoughts. Earlier ended recently. Now that it’s ended, I can try anyway, just to see. To see what I can come up with. I didn’t like it when the therapist showed up at the office 20 minutes late because she was setting up her new office and lost track of time, is that really a good excuse? I was sitting in the waiting room thinking I wonder if this is the right day, is there a clock around here, I think it’s late, maybe I’m supposed to knock on the door but I’ve never heard of a therapist’s office where you knock on the door and I don’t want to interrupt anyone, but what if she’s on the other side of the door, just waiting?

Anyway, then she rushed in, and our session had to end early because of the next client, she said she would add five minutes onto our next session, but it seemed like the session was at least 10 minutes shorter, right? I didn’t say anything, didn’t want to argue about something like that, even though actually the session was more than 10 minutes shorter because at the beginning we talked about the fact that she was so late. I wouldn’t have minded if there was some kind of emergency, but setting up her new office, really?


Campbell said...

Wow what a crappy reason to be late for Therapy! I would be pretty upset. I hope she didn't charge you for a whole hour!

Anonymous said...

Gosh I hate that! I mean, anyone can make a mistake, but she should have been doubling over with apologies, offering one free session, etc.

Next, someone's excuse might be "I was buying paper towels."

I had an amazing masseur, but when he mixed up the days, yelled at ME (?) for showing up on the "wrong" day, and when he later realized his mistake he couldn't get himself to really acknowledge it. That made my body lose the complete trust I had in him, and so I never went back. He called my cell phone over and over like a jilted lover, but I never answered. :)

Haha why did I inflict that story on you Mattilda?

All the best wishes,


mattilda bernstein sycamore said...

Campbell, I know -- what a ridiculous reason, indeed -- she did charge me the regular rate, but offered extra time the next week, but really that didn't seem like very much. And John, you're right, maybe she was buying paper towels. She should have at least offered me some paper towels.

Another crazy story about the masseur yelling at you, and then never actually acknowledging his mistake, people are so ridiculous -- especially some of these so-called healthcare practitioners, oh my...

Love --