Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Playing with my neighbor

This is so disappointing: I wake up thinking that at least the bloating wasn’t as bad last night, and my sleep wasn’t as interrupted. Then I’m sitting on the fire escape in the sun, already fading, and burping a lot, thinking oh, it must be the supplements I just took, because I’m always thinking about what it must be, but then I realize that I haven’t taken the supplements yet. So then I take the supplements, since I guess they’re not causing this bloating, at least not right now, since it’s already started, and then I get all this pain to add to the bloating. Plus I already feel like I’m ready for bed again, except I’ve only been up for a half-hour. Maybe it’s time for a nap.

Oh, well -- I didn’t take a nap. I decided I needed to eat first, then I decided to go on a walk, outside where suddenly my face is so clogged with allergies but at least the friendly neighborhood cat is waiting at the fence for my hands to reach through. She really loves to lick your fingers, which I love, until she wants to bring me closer so she reaches her paw out with irritation and I get worried she’s going to scratch me. That’s usually when I leave -- my hands starts to hurt from reaching through the fence anyway, but at least I got that laughing feeling from sitting on the sidewalk playing with my neighbor.


Campbell said...

I love your neighbor kitty!

Sorry you don't feel well. Hopefully it will pass soon!

mattilda bernstein sycamore said...

Yay for the kitty!

As for feeling awful, well that's a different story -- strangely today it's incredibly hot but now I kind of feel okay, who knows...

Love --