Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Thoughts on Democracy Now

What could be a better going-away present than an appearance on Democracy Now? And, not just that, but in conversation with Lieutenant Dan Choi, about one of my favorite topics! And, after writing a scathing critique about Dan Choi’s repeated appearances on the program without critical engagement. It does give me hope that Democracy Now actually responded to the critique, and brought me on the show -- and I loved it! Of course I’m ready for more…

I., and so many other radical queers with anti-assimilationist critiques, have spent years and years trying to inject some sense into the national debates on the issues that are draining all the resources out of the struggles, politics, communities and imaginations that mean something to us. Of course I’m talking about marriage, gays in the military, hate crimes legislation, ordination into the priesthood and the other obsessions of the gay establishment. I was excited to join the conversation on Democracy Now, a program I listen to pretty much every day, and it’s also super-exciting to get so much supportive feedback from people all over the country and the world -- straight, queer, old, young (and I’m sure all sorts of other variations that I’m not aware of just by reading the emails). For far too long the straight left has embraced the conservative agenda of the gay establishment as if this represents a wonderful gesture of inclusion, failing to notice that strengthening institutions like the military, state-sanctioned marriage, the criminal legal system (through hate crimes legislation), and the Church actually harms struggles for social justice. I hope this segment can enable more radical queer critiques in local, national, and international arenas. To more and more and more!

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