Friday, October 01, 2010

Travel without travel

Wait -- the same homeopathic remedy that cleared my head and gave me a burst of energy the other day, today it knocks me out. I mean I’m already exhausted, but then it’s difficult to keep my eyes open. I guess that just means I need to rest. At least there’s feldenkrais to the rescue, now I can actually speak in sentences but instead I decide I’m horny, look at craigslist, that’s depressing, now I’m here. Earlier the air was gross again, but then the fog rolled in like usual, back to usual, and walking to the bus from feldenkrais I let my eyes close and I smile like I’m sleeping, but in a good way. Maybe like a little kid, like when I hear birds chirping or squawking and I think of all those birds that were there in Santa Fe although that was spring, I don’t think they’ll be around in winter, maybe late fall when I arrive. When I arrive.

First I have to figure out how I’m getting there. Before I thought I would stop in LA on the way, but now I’m worried about all the pollution and it wearing me out. Then I thought I would go through Colorado, but if I do that I have to get from Denver to Santa Fe by bus and that sounds exhausting too. Not that there’s any way to get there without getting exhausted, but I’d still like to try. Maybe I’ll go back to the original plan of stopping at a mid-California beach town first, then maybe I could even stop somewhere close to LA, but not quite LA, and then just take the train in on the same day as my train to Santa Fe, go from one train to the other, except I always try to avoid doing that because it wrecks me too. If only there were an easier way to get there, something that didn’t involve travel. Travel without travel, that’s what I need.


Campbell said...

That sounds like so much driving. I would hate to take a bus that far! Can you fly there?

mattilda bernstein sycamore said...

Oh, no -- planes destroy my life -- literally everything. Especially my sinuses and digestion, and then it goes deep into a physically-induced depression for maybe two months or so -- so yes, the train is much much much much preferable, as strange as that may sound...

Love --