Saturday, November 20, 2010

An extra-special thank you...

Maybe I never told you this before, but my absolute favorite way to wake up in the morning is when someone’s pounding on the door. Even better if it’s my worst night of sleep in a while, waking up in the middle of the night with endless bloating and burping, probably because I took too much of the emulsified oregano to kill the parasites, but anyway there’s good news because now there’s someone pounding on the door. Even better, because they stop pounding, and then start again.

Then I hear something that sounds like a lawnmower -- oh, great – it is a lawnmower. What a great time to mow the grass, when it’s all dead – then come my favorite machines, the professional leaf blowers—could anything be a more efficient use of energy? Especially when the leaves have already blown themselves into a beautiful and delicate pattern against the walls, but it’s so much more beautiful now than an hour-and-a-half has passed and I can see the dirt, oh how I just love looking at freshly-mown dead grass and newly-uncovered dirt, I’ll have to get my temporary landlord and extra-special thank you for such a lovely Saturday morning surprise!

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