Monday, November 22, 2010

Sun hat strategy

Somehow, every time I put an outfit together, it ends up being red and green, or containing enough red and green that people think or maybe they don’t think but they say something about Christmas, and I hate Christmas, and all these fucking holidays, what could be worse? But it’s hard to avoid red and green when my warmest coat is red, and my other two warm coats both contain green, and my warmest scarf is purple and green, and my mittens are green, and I have two pairs of green corduroys, and now my daytime sun hat is kind of a pale blue-green, so instead I’ll tell you about sun hat strategy.

It’s good that I have the winter to figure it all out, when the sun is in one direction you pull the hat that way, turn a corner and you might be facing the sun so then you have to pull the hat down, another corner and you pull it the other way. How does my hair look with all this pulling? Or, even more important, is this hat shading my entire face? Store windows can help to figure that out, but then I always look up when I’m looking that way, and that changes the angle, less of my face is shielded.

Then there’s the wind—it’s hard to find a sun hat big enough that also won’t blow away. Like the one I’ve been using, it’s pretty big, and it does manage to stay on, I just pulled it down a little, which makes me look stranger, but I don’t want to lose the hat. I have a much bigger one, but it’s so light but I’m sure it would just blow away. Although it does contain a wire that makes it easy to shape in any way you want, maybe that would help. I guess I better go for a walk.

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