Saturday, December 11, 2010

And the stars

I love waking up and staring at the green wall, somehow the white trim makes it even better and then over to the pink wall, the maple dresser that I just found a Salvation Army and the richness of all these colors. Even when I feel horrible here, I feel better than I felt in San Francisco. Or maybe that’s not true. When I feel horrible, I feel horrible. But then I go outside for a walk just before sunset, I was trying to go earlier but I got caught on the phone with Sprint, trying to get them to lower my phone bill, I can’t believe how many minutes I went over but anyway I get out just before sunset, and then I’m in the Railyard Park, all the different colors of gravel and the mountains are illuminated purple. I’m looking for the path that supposedly follows the train tracks, it’s supposed to be beautiful, goes far south but really there’s no path except a little bit of dirt and asphalt and then I’m on some street to the side of the biggest streets in town and there’s the thrift store that benefits one of the animal shelters, what is this street even called?

Inside there’s not much, back outside I keep walking, past some ugly government complex and another train station but there’s no bathroom so I use the trees. Even on these ugly streets like highways, strip malls, if you’re not too close to the fumes then the air still feels fresh, in the distance there’s the fire of that Southwest sunset, doesn’t show up quite right on my camera, I linger and then it’s again and there’s the street that takes me back to my house but I just bought a phone because the keypad on my phone stopped working, too much to carry, hurts my arms, I stop to look at the bus schedule. Too long. I don’t even know if it stops near my house. Huge trees in this neighborhood, towering above everything, skinny. Now it’s dark, pitch dark already and the stars.


Mano said...

enjoying your "God I love Santa Fe" view, a park that's not really a park... a path that's not much of anything...
I've been here and around Santa Fe for 20 years and feel like i am just now really falling in love with who she is, in my walks in the Santa Fe River that's not really a river, piles of trash becoming an oases for flowers, i find home.

mattilda bernstein sycamore said...

Mano, so true --

"a park that's not really a park... a path that's not much of anything..."

And, thank you for the welcome, and hope to see you soon!

Love --