Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mail, moisturizer, and red

Here I am waiting for the bus to go to the mail place, since I’m sure the post office will be a nightmare near all those holy holy holy days, the bus is supposed to couple little after noon and it’s not here yet, and actually I’m not sure this really is a stop for the #4, since there’s no marking to tell you which bus runs here, and if you look at the map it doesn’t say which streets are which except for once in a while, I guess you’re just supposed to guess. Not that there’s a map here at the stop, or anything, or at any stop, but there is a phone number, luckily I brought my cell phone so I call and ask if the #4 goes down Don Diego, and the operator says where are you? I’m on Don Diego. Are you calling about a Santa Fe Trails bus? Yes, I thought this was the number.

He says where are you? I’m on Don Diego, and I’m wondering if the #4 runs down this street. He says no, I don’t think so. I say which bus does run down Don Diego? He says I can’t tell by looking at the map. I say I know none of the streets are marked, is it possible to get a better bus map, I mean can I make a suggestion? He says this is the only map. I say I know, that’s why I’d like to make a suggestion. He says let me check with someone, can I put you on hold?

When he comes back, he says yes, the #4 does run down Don Diego. So then I’m waiting again—of course there’s nowhere to sit except for some big rocks someone set out here, probably the property owner, so I’m walking from one to the other and then wait, there it is, the bus, coming around the corner, I think. And then when I get to the mail place, the person they’re a super-friendly and it only takes a few minutes, afterwards I feel so accomplished then I figure I might as well look at Pharmaca to see if there’s anything I need, oh maybe moisturizer since my hands are starting to hurt – they recommend one that doesn’t contain any fragrance, but it’s $20. You’re worth it, the person working there says – I know, but I don’t know if this moisturizer is worth it, but I get it anyway, I guess I can return it. The best part is that they have a complimentary water dispenser, maybe I’ll even go next door to terrible Trader Joe’s to see if there’s something I need there – is this really all their produce? Just some crap wrapped in plastic? I guess the sea salt is cheap, although it only comes in plastic containers, forget that – I wouldn’t mind one of those Christmas cactuses with white and pink flowers on the same plant, but I wouldn’t be able to carry that. Unless I waited for the bus, which only runs once an hour.

The best part is the woman who taps me on the arm in a conspiring way and says you look wonderful – oh, and I forgot to mention the woman at the mail place who says you’re wearing every possible shade of red! I guess I’m going to have to start dating middle-aged straight women here.

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