Wednesday, January 12, 2011

At the top of that tree

What happened? I mean, how did I get so tired, sinus headache spreading in the front of my face? Why the sinus headache, now? I mean I guess I was already tired, starting the moment I got up really. Wait a second: the humidifier just ran out of water, and now it’s beeping. Stop beeping!

I don’t even know if the humidifier is helping, it doesn’t seem to do that much, and this is the third one I’ve bought, so I think it’s going to be the one, regardless of whether it helps. The one in my bedroom does do a lot, but then I’m worried that it does too much, and there will be mold. Maybe that’s why I have this headache today.

Or maybe this headache is from my walk. The walk was so much fun -- I went outside, headed towards the St. Vincent de Paul thrift store, but when I got there I felt like I wanted to keep walking, so I walked over to Cordova to get the Reporter, back down Don Diego where the air felt so fresh that the car exhaust wasn’t even coming close, and then just before my apartment I turned down a street I hadn’t noticed before, even though my walk was getting long, but then I decided no, better get home, I mean I’ve already walked a mile and I feel okay so I better stop now, right? And then when I turned back, there was a whole different view, the mountains into directions and the light on Don Diego suddenly seemed spectacular and then I was home.

And then I got this headache -- maybe I walked too far? Time for a feldenkrais CD in a few minutes, but first I want to wonder about seasonal affective disorder -- this is the first winter since I was a kid when I actually get out of the house during daylight, not just rushing out a few minutes before sunset to try to get something into my eyes but I actually sit out in the sun in the morning, go on a walk around noon, and sometimes even another walk before sunset so I wasn’t thinking much about seasonal affective disorder, but suddenly I started to wonder: maybe that’s an issue, in spite of all this sun. maybe I should bring out the seasonal affective disorder lamp, the one that made me to wired in San Francisco so I couldn’t use it, but now I actually get up in the morning so maybe it wouldn’t make me wired. Although it does seem like there’s plenty of light here, maybe it would just make this headache worse.

But did I mention the birds? That’s the best part about walking around, you hear all this chirping and then you look for the bushes and there, yes right there at eye level all this tiny birds. Maybe that guy I was following him into the dark parking lot, but I was looking for the birds. And then, in the other direction -- squawk, squawk -- a crow. But where? At the top of that tree.

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