Thursday, January 20, 2011


The good news is that the rash is gone, or almost gone -- all that remains is some dried, yellowish skin and a bit of burning sometimes when I go to bed. But, it’s no longer scary to take a shower! Or, not as scary. Here’s what I think worked: homeopathic rhus tox, chlorella, and a ton of fresh aloe applied directly to the skin, over and over again. Unfortunately, my feet still feel swollen, pretty much all the time now. Does that relate to the altitude? The dryness? Does anyone know?

Meanwhile, the sinus headache is getting worse. I guess it wasn’t the humidifier, because I turned it off for the last few days. Maybe not even the smoke from everyone’s fireplaces, since I haven’t noticed that the last few days. Maybe it’s the pollen count, let’s check: that’s gone down a bit, but it looks like cedar/juniper and pigweed, whatever that is. Or, it could be the accumulation of drama from the heat in my apartment, combined with everyone’s fireplaces. The problem with the sinus headache is that once it starts, oh no -- It feels like it will never go away. Today I have feldenkrais, and I’m so exhausted that I don’t know how I’m going to walk there. I guess I’ll just start, and then finish. The good thing about feldenkrais is that then I get to lie down, so if I’m really really exhausted then at least that helps. I mean usually.

It is pretty exciting that I’ve been walking so much, I mean today doesn’t sound exciting at all, but it has to be helping in some way, right? All the fresh air and cardiovascular exercise, the way the light enters my eyes and everything I get to experience. Oh, but this headache! Ouch, this headache -- I hope it gets better once I go outside. I mean I’ve already been outside, for my first walk, a short one today, and it did clear my head, briefly.

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