Friday, January 28, 2011

The only democratic country in the region

I love it that Tea Party darling demagogue and Republican Senator from Kentucky Rand Paul just announced that he supports eliminating the $3 billion in military aid that the US supplies to Israel each year. Will it take nutcase right-wingers to actually push supposed progressives in Congress to take a principled stand on this issue, or will they remain silent on/complicit with the tyrannical Israeli government.

In another thought, since the US is always saying that Israel deserves all this aid because it’s the “only democratic country in the region,” what will they say if Tunisia or even Egypt emerge as strong democracies? Or, wait -- did Obama just say that Egypt was a democracy? No, he just said that Egypt was a stable ally -- it’s the dictator himself, Mubarak, who just said that the protests wouldn’t be possible without the democratic reforms he has instituted. Um, what democratic reforms, exactly? As his party headquarters burns to the ground, we can at least dream for more than reform.

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