Friday, January 28, 2011

Still sick

I’ve been sick for five days now, and I guess I’m slowly getting better, so slowly. Today I got to sit out in the sun, took my shirt off and it felt warm, started worrying that my belly was getting burnt of course since it was almost 50 but then I went back inside and immediately I felt freezing. Why freezing inside, with all this heat blowing out at me, drying me out, I’m sick of this heat. But I’m cold -- better turn it up again.

I watch the news about Egypt, people fighting the cops in the streets, hundreds of thousands of protesters in a country where usually a protest draws a few hundred, the same few hundred. Protesters occupy a bridge while the police hurl canister after canister of tear gas down on them. The government shut down the internet, how is that possible? Don’t they need the consent of the businesses that run the internet? Of course, it is a dictatorship, so I’m sure every company plays a role in that. US corporations included.

I love the quote from protesters in Tunisia who brought their dictator, Ben Ali, down with a few large protests: there are 22 Ben Alis in Africa, and they all have to go. A quote picked up by the protesters in Egypt. And how many Ben Alis in the world, almost all of them propped up by the king of corporate tax cuts himself, our own Obamaton. What murderous plots is the US government now hatching to make sure that Africa doesn’t end up the next South America? What will it take for Egyptian dictator Mubarak, a staunch US ally, to flee the country like Ben Ali? $2 billion of US aid per year, most of it military aid, so he has the guns to stay and fight, and I’m sure the US government is doing everything it can to help him.

(If you’re looking for great news coverage of the protests in Egypt, definitely go here, here, and here + an Al Jazeera live feed here).


katia said...

Going to look at links now! Thank you. Feel better, real soon.

mattilda bernstein sycamore said...

Thank you, my dear :)

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