Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Waiting for my shirt to get warm

My favorite part of sleep is when I wake up covered in sweat, not sure why that’s so comforting except maybe it means that this cold is moving through me. Yesterday I went on a one-block walk to this photo place to get negatives made of photos I have of JoAnne and Chrissie, but I guess no one gets negatives made anymore, mostly they do it digitally which doesn’t sound as permanent but it was much cheaper for what I did. Walked back, and then I had to get back in bed.

Last night I actually kind of slept, when I woke up I would turn to the other side and sleep more, more pain in my lower back and neck, but not as much in my gut, maybe it was a good idea to stop taking the herbs. I guess I’m going to go to Whole Foods in a few minutes to get a remedy the homeopath just recommended for the cold, maybe that will help. If I get there. I kind of wish someone would call me, and offer to take me there, but actually it’s only a few blocks and I’d like to try to walk anyway. Not that anyone’s calling. And I don’t like risking getting other people sick anyway -- it’s unlikely that I’m still contagious, but still I worry about that kind of thing, don’t want people to hang out with me when they’re sick because sometimes I get sick even though it’s unlikely that it’s still contagious. I’m waiting for my shirt to get warm in the dryer, two cold room temperature for my skin.

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