Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Before the crash before the crash

A few minutes ago I was thinking how can I possibly do anything but lie down, but now my mind is racing racing racing and maybe that means I need to eat something but also it’s because of this thing called publishing which relates to this thing called writing, I mean first I think I got wired figuring out who’s going to blurb Why Are Faggots So Afraid of Faggots, I mean getting responses and then I was looking at the cover drafts for the book, and oh my the cover looks so fucking gorgeous, I can’t wait to show you once it’s finalized and everything with the book is going smoothly so far, I mean on the production side which trust me is not always the case, oh my oh my oh my OH MY, so keep your fingers crossed, yes fingers and toes and whatever else and then the other exciting news is that I think I’m on my final edit for The End of San Francisco, or at least the final edit before I send it off to publishers and all. I just cut the huge chapter that used to be almost 100 pages or something like that, the one called The End of San Francisco -- cut it into smaller chapters, that is, and I think it’s really working. But wow, it’s super-emotional to edit, that’s for sure, exhausting even while it’s enervating and yesterday I even started brainstorming the descriptive blurb, getting ready to send it out, you see the way writing melds with publishing and sometimes this works out well, right now it’s working out well, but trust me not always, I’m sure you know that! But anyway, a few minutes ago I was thinking how can I possibly do anything but lie down, and now I’m wired, which means soon enough -- wait, I just got interrupted because my beans were boiling over -- I know you wouldn’t have noticed, so that’s why I’m telling you. So anyway, too soon I’ll need to lie down, hopefully tonight is a better night of sleep than last night, right? Maybe I’ll actually succeed at going on a nighttime walk, and maybe everyone’s fireplaces won’t assault me because tonight it’s warmer, maybe the air while actually feel fresh and nothing else, maybe I’ll actually figure out some kind of sex life here in Santa Fe, I mean maybe not on this particular walk in fact I’m pretty sure that won’t happen on this particular walk, but what was I trying to tell you? About getting wired from writing and editing and publishing and that’s a good thing, harder to write when I’m doing so much writing and editing and that marketing side too which is publishing, which also connects to the writing and editing, okay better put the lid back on the beans so they’ll cook right, maybe add some carrots and I think even a bit of celery right now yes right now while I’m wired, before the crash.

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