Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The descriptive blurb!

Okay, so I’m getting ready to send off The End of San Francisco, oh my -- and so, that means starting with the descriptive blurb that I’ll be sending to publishers and agents to see what happens -- well, here it is -- tell me your thoughts...

Part memoir, part social history, and part elegy, The End of San Francisco explores the perils and possibilities of creating community through critique, relationships through activism, and accountability through action. Shifting swiftly between time and place to evoke a search for home and hope, the book moves from the clampdown of a childhood in 1980s Washington DC to the camaraderie and conflict in political organizing, club culture, public sex and chosen family in early-‘90s San Francisco, post-grunge Seattle, Giuliani’s New York, and a gentrified San Francisco during and after the dot-com craze. Ultimately the book centers on the myths and realities of San Francisco as a refuge for radical queer visions in community-building. Using a breathless associative style to conjure the push and pull of memory, inspiration, resistance and loss, The End of San Francisco expresses and exposes the tensions between idealism and critical engagement, trauma and self-actualization.


proudprogressive said...

sounds very good M ! good work.

mattilda bernstein sycamore said...

Yay-- thank you, proudprogressive!!!


Anonymous said...

San Fran could not possibly feel like a more distant place to me, but this blurb made it feel like it was some sort of home for me. Or, was a home. Or could have been at some point. What I mean is, I love it. The blurb and the idea of the book, not San Fran, so much.

mattilda bernstein sycamore said...

Yay, thank you, my dear -- and, I love this blurb :)

Love --