Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Oh my intestines, why my intestines, why? Outside in this beautiful sun and it’s hurting my eyes, headache from allergies or the dryness or trying to sleep the way my eyes go up in my head, thinking thinking thinking and planning but why not just sleep, this is the worst it’s been in a while, draining my energy so now when I go on a walk I just feel tired. The bloating gets worse, and I go to that place where I think I need to change my diet, but what will I change it to? I know the naturopath wants to start doing something about the heavy metal poisoning, but how will my body deal with that? He thinks that’s why I need to eat all the time, not hypoglycemia but my body dealing with the heavy metals in my tissues, it’s better to wait longer in between meals because then your body can detox so there’s another one of those cyclical patterns breaking me apart.

Every time I go to the co-op, they want to know what I’m doing with all these greens. Well, eating them, right? Isn’t this a co-op? I mean, don’t people buy greens? I guess not as many as I buy, and then the naturopath says greens would be helpful with detox, do you know how many greens I already eat? At least two bunches of day -- although, I’d probably eat more if they were cheaper. Oh, wait -- better get back to my cooking.

Okay, that’s hurting my right hand too much -- chopping vegetables, I mean. Time for a break -- I’ll dance to these shrieking electronic clanks that are perfect right now, yes I’ll shake out my pelvis and hope to release the bloating, yes I’ll tell myself work it out bitch, work it out bitch, work it out bitch, work it out bitch, jumping around and twirling to the side, staring at the dishwashing liquid like that person on the other side of the dance floor that you’re working, that you’re working with, I’ll sway the hips and twirl and shake until that hurts too, which happens pretty soon, of course, so now I’ll lie down for a little bit of feldenkrais before I get too hypoglycemic, to see if it helps my wrist before I have to hold that fork.

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