Sunday, February 06, 2011

The hallway

Here I am ready to write and my head goes blank, maybe that means I’m not ready to write or maybe I’ll write about my head going blank, what’s funny is that last night I was on one of those cruising sites and some guy ends up calling me, talking about how he likes sex in public, groups -- no, wait, first he asked me if I might be interested in a three-way relationship, with him and his husband? I know -- my favorite word, husband! And, they even got married in Marin County. But, I guess they’re into experimenting, and then it turned out they really what he wants is to meet someone who you can have sex with in the car, outside a church, in public, with people watching -- sounds promising to me!

And then today there’s someone who wants to meet up right away -- he’s married too, I’m guessing he means to a woman. Who knows, though -- the other guy I talked to on the phone, but this new one said we could meet at his downtown studio, he gave me the intersection and said he’d see me there in 20 minutes, was he kidding? I’m not going to stand on the corner in the cold. And, I was a hooker for too long to think that someone will actually show up when they tell you they’ll meet you outside -- they just want to get a look. Anyway, then he’s telling me to meet him in the hallway of the building -- I don’t want to meet in the hallway! Says he’ll come over here, I guess we’ll see.

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