Thursday, February 24, 2011

The miniseries

Sex Life in Santa Fe -- this should be a miniseries, right? A miniseries that never quite starts. So, this guy comes over, and guess what? He actually looks younger than in his picture, what? Kind of geeky -- I guess he said he was 29, so I assumed somewhere between 47 and heaven, but no, I guess he’s actually 29, this must be what 29 looks like -- maybe that’s the name of the miniseries: 29.

Okay, so he starts jerking his dick through his pants, asks if he can suck mine -- of course I’ve noticed his cologne, don’t want to get it on my sweater so I stand up and pull off my shorts, get ready to pull down my boxers but then he moves away in some gesture of shyness so I go down for his dick, he moans as my lips squeeze through the polyester, then he covers his crotch. Maybe he came? I say why don’t you take off your jacket -- I unzip it and see his uniform, Forest Service, that explains the forest green polyester pants, cute, I thought maybe they were Sta-prest.

He says he’s nervous, starts to get up to leave, I say do you want some water? He takes the glass, drinks a sip, says no really I have to go, rushes out the door with me standing there in my boxers. Calls a few minutes later, says I want you to know it’s not you, you’re really cute, I just get really nervous, a lot of things were going through my head. That’s okay, I say -- we can get together later.

Yeah, later.

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