Sunday, February 13, 2011


It’s 55 degrees out, and my neighbor is spraying Lysol, why so much Lysol, flooding my apartment and making me anxious for my new air purifier to arrive. I go outside to sit in the sun, across the street in the two big evergreen bushes there are so many birds chirping, I mean how many birds can fit in two big evergreen bushes? It sounds like hundreds. I guess there are always birds chirping in those bushes, even when it’s 10 degrees out, but not usually this many. It’s kind of amazing, like some kind of joke where suddenly you realize those are birds at all, but a recording, and the sun is so warm I can even take my socks off, people walking by are amused by my sun hat and my sunbathing, and this one straight guy with a pit bull that won’t move keeps staring. Maybe the sun will help my swollen feet, red bumps on my toes, the last few days when I get up it’s almost hard to walk. Yesterday when I was standing in a store too long, getting overheated, the balls of my feet started swelling up too and then my shoes felt so tight. I’m not sure what all this is from, the altitude or the dryness I’m guessing, and at least the rash on my hands is long gone, I have to do anything and everything to keep that rash away, fresh aloe on my hands twice a day and I finally found a moisturizer that feels good, organic and cheap, I rub that one into my hands over and over, now the bottoms of my feet too but not my toes because my toes are always prone to athlete’s foot, but anyway, out here in the sun I start to get a libido or something, energy in my body, but when I go back inside I’m ready for bed again.

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