Saturday, February 19, 2011

Tiny and looming

It’s so different here on free days at museums, I mean different than in San Francisco where on any free day the museum is packed and that’s part of the excitement, you get to watch the other people who go to museums on free days. I tried to go to museums only on free days -- museums should always be free, right? Anyway, here it’ so different, only my second time, that means second museum, but just a handful of people each time so it’s almost like you’re alone with the art and that’s kind of exciting, I mean if you like the art, and there is this one piece that’s pretty incredible, all these figurines arranged on a huge platform of mirrors and metal, figurines with their faces covered by spooky glass tubes or sparkly pointy things or ceramic blankets, futuristic and overwhelmed and antiquated, intimate and distant, tiny and looming, Ruth Claxton is the artist and I need to go back to take pictures, they said you could take pictures in that room but then I felt in my pocket for my camera and it wasn’t there. Maybe next Friday I’ll go back, it’s free every Friday.

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