Thursday, March 17, 2011


Oh, no -- why am I so wired, as soon as I get in bed? I guess it started before, but it was a nice feeling, like I was finally feeling energetic, calling people up and leaving long messages, trying to fit everything in. Then I thought I was tired too -- I mean I was tired, but now I’m wired.

Which is nowhere near as bad as the later, lying in bed planning an editorial about the demise of Modern Times Bookstore in San Francisco, and then when that fades I’m planning something else, what was it? I can’t remember now, fatigue closing off my head, but I know that after that something else, there was something else, and then eventually I fell asleep, woke up at the normal time, which I guess is now an hour later, because of the time change, and then when I got up I had the most horrible abdominal cramps that I’ve felt in a while, walking around to try to help, but nothing was helping. Pain all the way back into my sides, even once I started eating. The only thing that helped was lying down on the floor and doing some feldenkrais movements for my jaw, that released my intestines I guess, then I went on a walk to St. Vincent de Paul, where I got some postcards and envelopes -- 50 cents total, that put me in a good mood and then on the way back I was actually smiling, in spite of the wind that blows my hat all over the place, I have to keep pulling it down so that it doesn’t blow away, the wind that dries out my sinuses, oh no, and then I’m back at home with this abdominal pain again.

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