Monday, March 21, 2011

Blowing in

What am I’m doing walking too far on a day when I already feel so awful? I’m trying to get to the office of Nuclear Watch New Mexico, so I start by walking down unpaved alley that becomes nothing but dirt and weeds at the end, beautiful except I’m on edge, waiting for the barking dogs -- luckily no barking, then I’m in the parking lot of a strip mall with CVS, why are there always so many cars here? Approaching the mailbox place -- oh, that’s probably the office, just the mailbox. But no -- a bit further, all the way to the end of Cordova I guess, literally the last building -- there’s the street address: vacant.

Oh well -- of course I could have called first, but I was fantasizing about meeting someone really engaged in the office, asking all my questions and finding answers, simulation, new books to read. Now I’m on St. Francis, the ugliest and busiest street in Santa Fe, at least this part, trying to go behind the rare bird shop but no, the parking lot just loops around, through the back of McDonald’s and oh no, it’s fenced in -- no, wait -- I can get through over there. Okay good -- back to my usual back roads, there’s someone walking four dogs from Santa Fe Tails, you can tell when they keep the same breeds and sizes together, these dogs don’t bark, they’re trained.

The wind is blowing everywhere and today the humidity is 7%, I looked before I left the house. Yes, it does feel dry. Too dry, and my head is aching, yes the pollen count is 11.3 out of a total possibility of 12, wow, that’s way up, I can definitely feel it. I look up at the sky and the clouds look strange, not like the use puffy things here, just a stream of white, all in one direction and I can’t help thinking about the radiation from Japan, blowing in.

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