Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dreams, sleep, rest

Oh, right -- I shouldn’t have gotten up at that moment to turn off the air purifier because it dries me out if I leave it on when I go to bed, turn off the air purifier and open the door to get more air, just a few moments that took and I kept the eye mask on, but then sure enough as soon as I got in bed I was wired, mind racing further into the conversation that started earlier, talking about our formative years, in this case up until 18, to get to know one another better. So then in bed I’m trying to finish the conversation, every little detail, racing in all directions and trying to stop, which never helps I guess, no maybe eventually it helps because then I fell into deep deep dreams that of course I can’t remember now thinking yes, how deep, yes more of these dreams, sleep, rest, and then I guess today was kind of okay, I kind of okay until now, now just a headache face wanting to fall forward eyes drifting maybe this will be okay, okay for getting used to the time change at least, maybe I’ll go to bed earlier and rest yes rest, we shall see.

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