Monday, March 07, 2011

If I end up going

But where did this sinus headache come from? Just as I finally had energy, right here at the very end of my day, thinking maybe I’ll rush out and catch the bus to Arcade News, see if there’s any news in the video booths. But when is the last bus back? I better check on that. I mean I started to think it would be kind of campy, standing on the side of stripmall hell, waiting for the bus back from the porn shop. Probably it won’t feel campy, though, will it? I better check on the bus schedule.

Okay, I could catch the 8:37 there, and then the last one back is at 10. Would that be enough time for all the fun I’m going to have? Ouch -- that headache, shooting pains almost, right in the center of my forehead. Maybe from all that fireplace drama? Oh, no -- and then I’ll be standing on the side of car exhaust hell. Should I try it anyway? Well, I better go wash the dishes, just so I don’t have to wash the dishes when I get back, I mean if I end up going.

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