Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Old friends

What is it that gives me this sharp headache as soon as I leave the house? Is it the bright sun? The dry wind? Allergies? Whatever it is, it hurts, the dogs are barking and I’m trying a new tactic -- instead of yelling back, I’ll talk to them like we’re old friends -- so good to see you!

The sun is intense, on these warmer days, maybe it’s close to 60, let me turn so I’m not walking directly into the sun, okay that’s better, here in this alley with shade. But then I’m on Galisteo which means no sidewalk and the cars right next to you, time to turn back. Still have this headache in my house, maybe it isn’t the sun. This morning I almost went to Albuquerque -- or maybe not almost, but almost almost. I wanted to get on the train, but then I realized how exhausted I would be -- I wanted to take that train to get away from my exhaustion, but, well, you know. Anyway, the good news is that I get to sit in the sun, which calms me, clears my pain a bit even, that’s a good sign. Spots of red on my skin when I got inside but the aloe clears that up.

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