Sunday, March 27, 2011


Wait, what happened -- could this be possible? I went to a party, got home and I actually had energy-- now it’s starting to fade, but for about an hour I was wired, of course started to cruise craigslist, kind of ironic because I was talking with Aaron at the party about how craigslist never leads anywhere -- well, now here I am, experiencing the inevitable firsthand.

But still -- I left with energy, that’s pretty impressive. I was starting to get worried because I left my coat in the car and the car was elsewhere, I needed to leave because inside there was pot smoke or pot smoke residue from the smoking in one room, outside cigarettes and the grill, I was worried I was there for too long, body starting to ache and then of course the worries about a possible headache soon, but just then Von arrived and we fled, or I fled and he gave me a ride, now here comes the back pain but I’m going to lie on the floor and listen to a feldenkrais CD, okay? Let’s go for okay -- even the bloating doesn’t seem terrible right now, although of course there’s still time -- soon I’ll be taking some kind of medication for parasites, hope it helps. And, Randy arrives tomorrow for a one-week visit, yay for a one-week visit -- we’re renting a car, and I’m sure some glamorous adventures will ensue -- I’ll keep you posted.

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