Saturday, March 05, 2011

Strange shapes the trees make

Today the take the air feels so fresh, what is it? I would say it feels moist, but I just checked the humidity and it’s only 28%. Maybe just cooler, blowing down from the mountains -- in any case, I love it. I walk to Don Gaspar and look at all the old houses, big houses with slanted roofs, unlike in my immediate neighborhood with smaller houses and flat roofs, more adobe although there’s adobe on Don Gaspar too. I wonder if I’ll ever get tired of looking at the houses, walking through alleys where there’s always something new to discover, staring at the strange shapes the trees make against the sky.

There’s a stray cat, or maybe not a stray but a cat anyway, I get excited about how it jumps right over that wall, not a wall to keep cats out I guess. No one’s around, and this is one of the moments when I like that, and when I see two people up ahead I like that too, trying to figure out how close to death before saying hello. Hello! I like them -- a lively youngish straight couple. And then I’m home again.

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