Friday, March 04, 2011

Streaks of light down to the horizon

I’m not sure what it is exactly that separates the days when I look up and everywhere I see something spectacular -- the mountains rising up in unexpected places, the way those tree branches frame the sky, that doorframe made out of five concentric squares of bricks. And then the days when it’s hard even to look, I have to make myself almost, still doesn’t do much for me. Today is one of the better days, at least on this walk, I didn’t realize beforehand.

This is the season of dust storm drama, why everyone thinks spring is the worst time in Santa Fe except I visited during the spring, later in the dust season, but still there’s so much beauty. Of course, my allergies are a different story -- ouch, my jaw! Not as bad as yesterday, though -- I can’t decide if it’s something about how I hold my head when I’m walking, or an allergy, or both. I’m pretty sure it’s an allergy, because it started right when the pollen count soared, and actually I remember it from my visit last year too. It’s especially bad when I’m walking on the street with a lot of traffic, not sure why exactly -- maybe more dust, car exhaust, less for the pollen to get stuck on?

I don’t know, but I do know that I’m getting a little bit sick of all this dryness-- as soon as I get in bed, my nose starts to feel crusty, no matter how much homeopathic nose balm I stuff inside beforehand. When I touch something too firmly -- the toilet seat, a fork, the handle of a pot, just a small jab and my fingers are about to get cut, need to put on more moisturizer. Meanwhile, I’m getting a little stir-crazy, and can you believe we don’t have a Greyhound station in Santa Fe, what kind of scandal is that? There are towns with 300 people that have a Greyhound station. So I can’t just get on a bus and go to some weird town. I could take the train somewhere, I guess -- that’s my plan for sometime in the near future, just go somewhere about a half-hour away and watch the sunset, get back on the train. That will be nice, but I’m also starting to crave a city, and the only close one is Albuquerque, which doesn’t really have that density that I’m looking for, or maybe it does in some places, but I really don’t know how to get around there. Plus, I’d have to carry so much food that everything would become cumbersome, I don’t know. I thought maybe a small trip to Denver or somewhere like that, but then I have to take the train to Albuquerque to get the Greyhound, and that sounds terrible already. It’s almost easier to go to LA -- 18 hours on the train, but then I looked it up and I would arrive at horrible 8 am, which means not nearly enough sleep because I’m wearing the whole time that I won’t get up, and I don’t want to go to LA anyway. Not at all, actually. Well, here’s my headache again, what’s this one from?

But wait -- suddenly the air turns freezing, the sky changes to big gray clouds with sun only in the distance, and no way -- snow flurries, this is the part of the crazy spring that I can deal with, suddenly my head clears and I can go back to staring at the sky, all those crazy cloud formations, streaks of light down to the horizon and then the storm is over.

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