Saturday, April 09, 2011

All directions

The things people say in the realm of online cruising are so ridiculous, so instead let me tell you about the horrible painful intestinal bloating in my bed last night, my whole belly puffing out and waking me up, I can’t turn on either side because it hurts but I need to turn on one side to fall back asleep. No, let’s talk about something more innocuous, like the wind here in Santa Fe -- or wait, that’s not innocuous, all these allergies blowing into my head, eyes sticky and dried out at the same time. But this wind is amazing -- how can it continue for so long, in all directions, or maybe not all directions but that’s how it looks when you look at the trees, and the trees are what I’m looking at now, through the windows, little bits of green at the ends of their branches, shaking in all directions and it almost looks like it’s going to rain, will it rain again, please more rain I’m ready.

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