Sunday, April 03, 2011

Hope it doesn't wash everything away

Okay, well the delicious medication didn’t make me immediately sick -- the most common side effect is relentless diarrhea, so common that the doctor even said that if the diarrhea was watery, I should stop, but if there was solid in it, I could continue. I know -- that does sound glamorous. But, no diarrhea yet -- please let’s keep it that way.

It’s strange how, when I wake up I feel like oh, I think I actually slept deeply, I mean I know I slept deeply or that’s how it feels, until I get up and oh no, the worst bloating in a while. It hurts so much that I have to get back in bed, with a hot water bottle that isn’t hot enough, but eventually the gas releases and then I can get up again, sit outside with the chirping birds -- more than ever I think, it’s just chirping on all sides and I start to feel calm in the sun, back inside to finish my cooking, and of course I crash once I start eating. What should I do now? Oh, take another bitter pill, hope it doesn’t wash everything away.

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