Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Like an extra dimension in the air

Oh my, this weather this weather this weather -- please, can we have this weather all the time? I’m sitting outside in the cloudy morning as it starts to rain, I mean like it rains here with the drops so spread out you can barely feel them, actually you can hear and smell the rain more than you hear it -- rain on the leaves, rain in the dirt and stones and asphalt -- but then I look at this one drop of rain glittering on my thigh and wait, that’s not rain -- it’s sleet, and right then it gets louder and I feel it more, little balls of hail yes that’s what it is now, hail, and just for the hail the sun comes out bright, a flash between the clouds but actually if I look just a few feet in the other direction the sky is bright blue, really bright blue. But then right where I am it gets dark again, and when the hail stops the birds get louder, so many different kinds of birds now chirping from all directions and I’m trying to think of how to describe this sound for people who haven’t heard all these layers of birds chirping and the wind, people like me until recently and yes the cars are louder but when there aren’t any cars it’s just the layers of chirping high and low, fast and slow, all together and separate like an extra dimension in the air, mostly you don’t see them just the sound from inside bushes and there’s another flash of sunny sky and then something in between, bright and dark at the same time.


Campbell B. said...

I LOVE the way the desert smells when it's about to rain.

mattilda bernstein sycamore said...

I know, it is a pretty amazing smell, takes a while to get used to, but then of course it doesn't rain so often, since, um, it's the desert, right?

Love –