Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Like a parasite, maybe

This is how tricky it all is: here I am, sitting in bed -- no, I’m not sitting, what am I talking about? Okay, here I am, lying in bed. Yes, what would I be doing sitting? No, you can see me now -- lying in bed, right?

Anyway, I’m awake earlier than usual, so the trick is to figure out whether this is too early -- sure, my head is racing, but how do I feel? I close my eyes: horrible. But my head won’t stop racing, should I get up anyway? Let me try again, turn to the other side -- ouch, what is that pain in my belly, usually hurts less on this side, oh well.

No, my head is still racing, or okay not my head but my brain, right? Turn to the other side, and wait, just when I think nothing’s going to change, I’m just going to lie here until eventually I got up, feeling worse, just around that moment I notice oh, something is shifting, suddenly my head feels soft, body sinking into the bed, and yes, sort of a dream, and then I wake feeling kind of excited, that’s what I needed, and then I notice that actually it’s cloudy, which makes me more excited, and when I open the front door it smells like rain, could it have rained, really rained -- I touch the dirt, no moisture really but maybe it doesn’t feel as dry, probably a tiny bit of rain and my head feels clearer because there’s still humidity in the air, which makes me think I should move to Seattle, oh all that soft moisture yes I want that moisture, but no not eight months of dark and permanent mold.

Inside, there’s a flower growing out of the flower on the bromeliad -- bright purple coming out of red and somehow it kind of scares me, I mean it’s a gorgeous color but just the way it pops out of one small point -- like a parasite, maybe, but let’s not go back to that subject, or at least not right now, okay?

Or, never mind: you want to hear about the new drug drama -- I go to CVS to get the prescription, but apparently it’s a drug that hasn’t come out yet, why would the doctor prescribe something that doesn’t exist? I figure I’ll call the other corporate chain -- yes, Walgreens, you guessed it -- but then I can’t remember the name of the drug, and I can’t find the lab work that recommended it, oh here it is, underneath a pile on my disastrous kitchen table: tinidazole.

So I call Walgreens and ask -- it only comes in a powder, 100 grams, and I’m only supposed to take 2 grams a day for three days-- is it a powder that you can dissolve in water? The pharmacist doesn’t know: no, this is for compounding, but maybe there’s a brand name, okay Tindamax, in 500 mg capsules or tablets, so I called CVS back, the pharmacist says yes that must be it, but we can’t fill the prescription because they spelled tinidazole wrong, and then when we called to ask they spelled it wrong again, and also specified 2 grams twice a day, but they said the doctor would call back in the morning.

But wait -- did I already mention that the nurse left me a message that the drug was unavailable, and that I needed to come in for a new stool test? That didn’t make any sense at all -- and, when I called the office the machine said they’ll be out on Wednesday and Thursday. For some reason I thought that yesterday was Tuesday, but now I realize that it was Monday, so maybe they are in the office today. But anyway I called the doctor, asked her to call in the prescription again, and here we are to today, a better day I think but here comes the sun and I’m exhausted again.

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