Saturday, April 02, 2011

Sophisticated and cosmopolitan

Here I am, sitting with this tiny white pill. Actually it’s not that small -- for a pill, at least. A half a pill, since I split it down the line at the middle. A pill that will almost surely make me sick, even though it’s supposed to make me better. Maybe it will make me sick, and better. I guess that’s the idea.

Metronidazole. Doesn’t sound that bad -- kind of sophisticated and cosmopolitan, right? Better known by its brand name, Flagyl. Now, that sounds awful. In fact, I’ve never heard anything good about it, but this parasite test says it’s the only thing that will kill these tiny creatures in my gut, making me sick. I was going to write about the chill that went through my body when I took the pill out of the container, broke it in half, and held that half in my hand. I was going to write about sitting here and trying to figure out whether to take it. But then I just took it, ate some more food to help it digest, or whatever it does, and now I’m sitting here in the sun kind of warm, have to change into a tank top while I’m writing, I don’t know -- let’s just hope, let’s just hope it doesn’t make me too sick.

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