Sunday, April 24, 2011

What year is this, again? Where am I living?

From the glamour of a craigslist post for a three-way:
We prefer 21-40 yo and you must have pics (we are discreet and we must make sure we do not know you as both of our jobs involve the public).

Let me repeat that, with emphasis added: "we MUST make sure that we DO NOT know you" Yes yes -- you certainly would not want to hook up with someone who you actually know, no no no no NO! “Both of our jobs involve the public,” and if the public knew that we hooked up with someone for a three-way, oh my oh my oh my oh MY our workplaces would be rife with conflict, our security replaced by impossible turmoil

I wonder where they work, should I ask? I mean I know they won’t tell me, but should I ask anyway?


mattilda bernstein sycamore said...

"They want all the info about someone else and withhold all the info about them" -- I know, how typical! What year what year what year?

Thanks for the support, my dear!

Love --

mattilda bernstein sycamore said...

Wait, somehow they deleted your comment, and left my response, but I've retrieved your original:

Poor things. Must be awful always looking over ones shoulder, being afraid someone will find out who you really are. Gee they want all the info about someone else and with hold all the info about them. Oh that closet is a terrible place and I have no sympathy for such people and wouldn't share my dick or my talents with them.

Indeed what year are they in?

Love you baby