Sunday, May 22, 2011

The details

The story of my life right now: I wake up with all these ideas; I can't do any of them. I mean I'm too exhausted. Almost immediately. Today it’s going to be hot out, I can tell already – already it's pretty hot. Maybe it's time for a walk, all these walks – sometimes they make me feel better. And sometimes? Sometimes. Right.

At least my neighbors can't see me at this time of the day, now that they've started going out on their balcony I was wondering – but the reflection of the sun is too much, I checked. Because, the other day, someone looked through my front window when I was jerking off, not someone I was excited about, so I wondered what he could see – I don't like closing the blinds, makes me feel closed in too. Except when I go out – then I close the front window, which goes almost floor-to-ceiling – I mean I close the blinds of that window, the window doesn't open, which at first I thought would bother me, because I would want more air, but now I'm used to it. Although I wouldn't mind more air, now that it's starting to get warm, I mean now that it will probably stay warm for a while, except at night when I think it always gets chilly, since we're here 7000 feet up towards the sky. I will say that it's taken a while to get warm, and I like that – I was worried it would start much earlier – okay, time for a walk, an investigation, a rumination, or maybe just the spell of the light and everything that's growing, I do like studying the details, something new from the cityscapes I was and maybe still am used to.

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