Sunday, May 15, 2011

Magenta flowers

Oh, right – what was I going to say, something about exhaustion I'm sure – or no, that's not what I was going to say, but what I'm feeling now, can't say much else. I’ve developed this habit of pulling succulents out of the sidewalk, planting them in my garden – now some of them are flowering, or actually the one that started flowering first was from the plant store, but then even though these others don't look the same, now they’re flowering too – gorgeous magenta flowers, a yellow one, a soft pinkish white.

I started pulling them out of the sidewalk because I figured if they grow there, they don't need much water, right? Not literally the sidewalk, but spilling out of gardens, into the street, with succulents you don't need the roots, just plant, add a little water, and now these amazing flowers. What else? Something about exhaustion, this pain in my shoulder, what is it from? Arms more tense because I did another edit on The End of San Francisco, there are so many parts that I'm stunned by, the ending, I mean the way each part spills into the other and the emotion, so much emotion and then you're stuck. But I don't feel stuck, not when I'm editing although it does make my body hurt more, need to stop but don't want to stop no stop. But now I'm at the ending. I slept later, shouldn’t that help? What does help?

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