Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My garden

Today I keep searching the floor for glass, every crumb of whatever stuck to the bottoms of my feet is suddenly a potential problem, and there are a lot of crumbs of whatever stuck to the bottoms of my feet. And then a prickly sensation, but maybe it always feels that way. I mean there's always a lot of whatever on my floor, even after sweeping or mopping or whatever, but anyway this is what happened: last night, soon after I got home and just before I was getting ready for bed, the glass cover on the ceiling fan light fixture fell down onto my kitchen table and shattered into who knows how many white shards, I mean a lot of them, some of them large and some of them small and some of them tiny, tried to get it all out before getting ready for bed, because the last thing I want to do is to wear shoes in my apartment, but when something shatters like that, everywhere, then it's still everywhere, even though I took a sponge across the floor, trying to find any tiny pieces, or not all of the floor, but four separate parts with four separate sponges that I threw in the trash so that I wouldn't potentially cut myself at a later date, like today, when I'm still wondering whether that prickly sensations in my toes is little pieces of glass, or just the usual athlete’s foot peeling dry skin.

But why is it so hot in my apartment? And so hot outside? It's after sunset, but the temperature doesn't drop so fast like they say it does, doesn't drop much at all until much later, I mean it's still 73.7°, and definitely hotter in here. I thought it would be like in San Francisco, when, as soon as it gets dark it's freezing, but it doesn't seem that way. And why is the wind still so blustery, drying me out everywhere I go – peeling away the coating inside my nostrils, making my hands crave moisturizer after just a few blocks, depositing those little piles of salt just outside the corner of each eye. Oh, how I used to love wind – those soft cool moist gusts that always delivered a freshness, but no – this isn't that wind at all, just dust and dried leaves blowing in your face, why are there still dried leaves blowing around at the end of May, maybe a little bit of gravel and sticks too and some trash that always lands miraculously in my garden.


proudprogressive said...

we are in a very severe drought this season, there are far less wild flowers. Every season out here is a bit different from the last , but one can count on windy march - april. Its been exceptionally dry though which may account for the excess you see of brown crunchy leaves.

mattilda bernstein sycamore said...

Oh, but I do love the wild flowers – so many more than I expected, actually – and yes yes, everyone mentions the windy March and April, but what about that super-windy May we just had – here's to June!

Love –