Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I thought I was waking up with a horrible headache because for the last several days I've closed my bedroom door, maybe not enough circulation, but then today the door is open and still the same headache. Worse, actually. I press my fingers into my face, to see where it’s centered. I thought for sure it was sinuses, and yes that part hurts, but actually it's way worse on the sides of my head, the temples, that's more like the headaches I used to get when I was a teenager.

Outside it's bad too – maybe it's an allergy? At least my garden is starting to look beautiful, there's so much pleasure I get just from looking at one or two flowers – I guess this is why people like gardens, I never thought much about it before. I kneel on the patio, studying the developments in the front, what's growing and what's drying out. But now it's time for therapy – have I mentioned therapy? I started going to this clinic where they specialize in art therapy, and actually I love it. The therapist really listened when I told her how much it tires me out to talk so much, so we always end with an art exercise or the sand tray, oh the sand tray! Who knew that just playing with a few figurines in the sand and clear away so much? So that I actually leave feeling energetic, or no, not necessarily energetic, but not worse, usually better, all right time to head over to the bus stop.


Punky said...

I loved art therapy as a teenager. My current therapist has suggested it a few times since talking is hard for me too but I don't think she is an art therapist though. I'm glad you enjoy it so much!

mattilda bernstein sycamore said...

Punky, yes today it was funny because I spent most of the time with the sand tray, arranging and rearranging a dinosaur, a pig, a few houses, seashells, a fish, a turtle, a boat and a giraffe, and then at the end I felt like I was ready for bed, or maybe like I was already sleeping…

Love –