Thursday, May 05, 2011

The weather

I want to tell you something about the weather, no I mean I want to tell you something. I want to tell you how I'm feeling, no I mean I want to tell you how I'm not feeling, I mean I don't want to feel this way. Don't want to write about it either, really – or, I want to write about it more than I want to feel it, but actually when I feel this way it's hard to write about it. It's hard to write.

Soon I'm going on a walk, a walk to feldenkrais, a mile away, which sounds awfully far but at least that means I'll get some exercise. Then a mile back, that part is usually easier, I'll feel better, although right now that's hard to imagine. Trying to wake up my brain with something, but nothing seems to work. I looked through the paper to see if there was a movie I wanted to watch; there isn't. We don't get very many good movies here in Santa Fe – sometimes there's something that looks kind of okay, but not inspiring enough to actually get there, and then when I think oh, maybe I'll go see that movie about – what's her name? I can't remember. Some New York critic, a whole movie by Francis Ford Coppola, really? No, that sounds terrible. I mean it's not playing anyway.

Actually I read the whole weekly paper, in search of something interesting – nothing. No, I skipped the cover story – "The Hispanic Century?” Yes, the word "Hispanic" is alive and well here in Santa Fe, even in the supposed alternative paper, the one that always wants to tell you how great it is to live in Santa Fe, I mean I hope they're getting paid by the bureau of tourism or whatever. Okay, the weather: the weather is nice. The sun is out but it's not terribly hot. Not that it helps me, I mean here comes the sinus headache, okay maybe I'll sit out in the sun for a few minutes just to make sure, I mean just to see if maybe it will help, I definitely need some help, that's for sure.

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