Thursday, June 23, 2011

What is

It would be lovely if I could blow my nose sometime in the morning and not find blood. It would be lovely if I didn't have to study my face in the morning to watch for dry skin damage. It would be lovely if my feet didn't dry out and peel every night. It would be lovely if I didn't have to use moisturizer on my hands 20 times a day, even right before washing my hands, just so they don't dry out too much.

But anyway, I guess I'll still be here for a while. It's 10 am, and already 78° out, a rare 15% humidity and can you believe it – a 10% chance of precipitation, that's like astronomically high compared to the last few weeks, but still disastrously low. We need some rain to get rid of these wildfires, right? To get rid of these bloody noses. To help me feel like I can walk I can walk a mile to feldenkrais in the desert sun, how am I going to get there today?

I got there last week, so I guess I'll get there today – that's what I'm telling myself, anyway. But speaking of rain, let's check the humidity in a few other places – Montréal, 73%. Seattle, 95%. San Francisco, 72%. Even Albuquerque has 20%. Oh, rain – when will we get rain? People keep telling me that it's been hard this year even for people who’ve lived here forever, it might be the driest year on record. All those dreams of dry air and improved health – well, at least I know that it's not the right climate for me, although I'm certainly not sure what is.

Meanwhile, the scent of the oil I put on my hair is irritating me – I'm supposed to leave it on for a few hours before washing it off, and I definitely don't feel like taking a shower yet anyway – too exhausting – but maybe this will be the last time for this treatment. We’ll see if it helps – I mean, that's one thing that's not that different: my hair was already dry and 72% humidity San Francisco, probably because I can't digest any oils, and that problem hasn't gotten any better. I mean nothing at gotten better: that's the problem.

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