Sunday, June 05, 2011

Wildfire season

So I’m walking along glamorous Cerrillos, always a surreal experience at night when the cars sweep by and there are no other pedestrians except two people looking for a restaurant that's open and then one guy on a bike, does a bike count as a pedestrian? I'm looking for somewhere to get water after my latest adventure at Arcade News, plus I can't wait for the bus at the usual stop due to all the construction, they're adding more lanes, I can't wait. There's a new smell in the air, something really dry that at first I think has something to do with the car exhaust in the summertime air, but no, it’s drier, maybe just the smell of the desert on the almost-highway in the summer, I'm not sure, but then in the morning I get a message from Dana: probably no one told you about wildfire season.

Oh, wildfire season – that's why I wake up with the worst headache in a while. There's always a headache from something, right? And now, I present to you: wildfire season! At least I don't need to keep scanning the pollen count, wondering what is it, what is it this time?

But strangely I feel better after that walk I just went on, the bright noontime sun, trying out the aqua sun hat since it's 100% cotton so maybe it will make me sweat as much, walking in sandals because this is the time for sandals I mean this is the time when sandals feel required in order to maybe stay something like cool, and the whole time I'm walking I'm completely exhausted, trying to focus on little beautiful things like those orange flowers or the crazy red yuccas growing towards the sky, but no, no energy, but I keep walking, not far but further than I feel like walking, just to see. I'm worried that this might be exhausting me more than it could possibly help, but then here I am at home, and it helped, it helped. Maybe just because it gave me a break from endless eating, when will my body ever feel nourished? But okay, it's the time of the day when the sun comes pouring in through the skylight, making his chair in front of the computer a sweltering disaster area, so I better flee.


kayti said...

would u live in portland?

mattilda bernstein sycamore said...

Probably not, but someone else just suggested it, ha!

Love –