Monday, July 04, 2011

Both worlds

The bus arrives and I jump off. First person says: those are the gayest shorts I’ve ever seen! His drunk female friend says so, I’m gay! Actually this happens at the beginning, but on the same corner. Now when I turn the corner some young tomboyish girl says what are you up to tonight? I’m just going home, I say. Can I come home with you?

See what I mean, I say to Andee. Was she working, Andee says. No, I say. What did she mean? I guess she wanted to go home with me, probably do drugs or something.

Then I turn the corner and I’m back with the tourists, this time I already know to expect the change but still it’s kind of wacky how many people are out. Some guy comes up and says can you buy me a one-dollar burrito, I’m serious I just want a burrito will you come inside with me? Okay, I say, and Andee says what you doing?

I’m buying this guy a one-dollar burrito. Where – at Taco Bell? Yes, I say, and I can’t help laughing, even though I’m worried this guy will think I’m laughing at him. He says I know it’s pathetic. I say no, not at all. Actually I’m just glad I can help him – I would just give him the dollar, but something makes me think he actually wants me to go with him, maybe he’s worried that if I gave him the dollar he wouldn’t end up spending it on food or maybe I’m overanalyzing, but anyway I go with them. He’s a muscular young guy, attractive except for that hollowed-out drug-damaged look in his face, I’m guessing crack.

Andee and I get disconnected and the guy says something about his wife and how she has a headset like this one, much better than holding the phone. Of course he says something about his wife, where is she now I wonder. It seems like he wants to talk, and I kind of want to talk too but I also don’t want to miss my chance to talk to Andee, especially while walking around this strange town – I always like to talk to Andee when I’m walking around, a strange or familiar town it doesn’t matter, I mean it’s never where I’m living because I don’t use a cellphone at home anymore, now that I’m not a hooker, but there’s something about the immediacy that’s exciting, even though Andee’s in London it feels like we’re together again, exploring.

Andee calls back and we talk some more, first in Taco Bell and then back out on the street where I keep saying who are all these people? I mean, I never thought so many tourists would go to Denver – where do they come from? Andee says they come from Wyoming and Nebraska – and other places too, because they can live in the mountains. I guess there are a lot of blondes in Wyoming and Nebraska, that makes sense. But the air isn’t even fresh here, it’s totally polluted. But you’re a half-hour from the mountains, Andee says, you can have both worlds.

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