Monday, July 25, 2011


One of the amazing things about doing a reading is when I connect with people who are already connected with my work – immediately there’s this intimacy, a shared experience of facing the world, and I love it! A great crowd too in Denver—interested in the textures of writing as well as the politics. Sometimes when I was on tour for So Many Ways to Sleep Badly, I felt like people didn’t know what to do with this crazy text – they were immersed politically in my work, but not necessarily textually, stylistically, formally. Which is fine, of course – but, a little awkward when it’s the whole audience. Especially when I give so much in my performance, right?

But this time it wasn’t that way at all – people were really laughing, and asking great questions both textually and politically. That’s a strange word – textually. Because, if it’s a question about the text, it is textual, right? I guess that’s what happened sometimes when I was on tour – actually the questions weren’t necessarily about So Many Ways to Sleep Badly, but about my other work – activism, politics, anthologies. Here in Denver it all felt integrated, which made me feel integrated – and, it was the first reading I’ve done since leaving San Francisco nine months ago, crazy. Because, I haven’t actually found a good reading in Santa Fe. Or any interesting reading series that would welcome me. Strange, right? When I get back, I’ll have to get to work concocting something – otherwise my first reading will be a going-away party, and I certainly can’t have that.

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