Saturday, August 06, 2011


Okay, forget what I said about getting used to the summer – I hate this heat! I mean, yesterday it did get gorgeous – our first really pounding thunderstorm and just before it started I noticed these two skinny people in shorts and tank tops staring in at me from the sidewalk, when I looked over and smiled they turned around and pretended they were sitting on the wall. Then it really started pouring, and I wanted to invite them inside for shelter, better than the tree they were sitting under, but then I felt self-conscious about wearing only boxer shorts I mean not really self-conscious for me so I guess that wouldn't be self-conscious, but conscious that they might think I meant something sexual, especially when just before I was cruising the internet and I don't think they could see that but maybe they could see something.

So I went into my room to put on more clothes, went into the bathroom to check on my hair, but then by the time I was ready it just seemed like I had missed the moment. I mean they were still sitting out there, but it made me feel too conspicuous to yell at their backs – hey, do you want to come in? But then by the time the rain stopped, or stopped pounding so hard, these two people were on their way and I regretted not saying something.

But oh the air after that rain, so cool and fresh and moist and I wanted to go on a walk but I was too tired so I waited until this morning, 10:30 am and how could it already be this hot? And: how could I already be this tired?


Campbell B. said...

Don't feel bad. I used to sit out in the monsoon rain storms all the time just because I wanted to. :-)

mattilda bernstein sycamore said...

It's true – the rain is gorgeous – please more rain, please…

Love –